Utility Locates

EcoPoint utility locating services provide clients with fast accurate utility locates, enabling safe and efficient workflow in all scenarios. All EcoPoint locate technicians are trained to the highest industry standards and utilize the most advanced utility locating equipment on the market. At our core we are a technologically advanced field data collection company. We offer customized, fully integrated data collection services with real-time data access, analysis and reporting. Our fast and accurate data collection services catalyze extraordinary cost savings as well as increased safety benefits throughout every project.


EcoPoint has an abundance of experience in private utility locating. Our services increase overall safety and efficiency within all our clients’ operations. When clients need services that go beyond traditional paint and flag, EcoPoint offers an enhanced and tailored version of your regulatory compliance data. Our locating technicians are trained using state-of-the-art utility locating equipment as well as in depth knowledge of master techniques developed in the locating industry. Inaccurate utility locates waste valuable time and often result in damages to underground facilities. If you don’t know what’s underground before you dig, you may cut a live utility line, resulting in potential injury, expensive repairs, hefty fines and damages to reputations. To get the complete view of your project site, make your second call to EcoPoint.

Private vs Public

Making the call to 811 should always be the first step before excavation begins at any project site. Contacting 811 before you dig increases overall safety, decreases costly damages, and it’s the law. The service is free and available to the public. However, calling 811 will only provide locates for publicly owned utilities. Individuals are still responsible for all privately owned utilities underneath a project site. Private utilities account for 65% of all utilities.

EcoPoint’s Line Locating Services will reduce risk of injury, wasted productivity, and costly repairs. Contact Us Today for More Information 970-589-1429:

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