A Geospatial Firm Focused on Environmental Services

EcoPoint, Inc. is a technologically advanced environmental firm specializing in Geospatial Solutions for large and small scale projects.


EcoPoint’s services and solutions build upon each other to provide a complete and in-depth picture throughout your project’s life cycle. Each service leverages a singular Geospatial Information framework to expedite data collection and provide critical information and guidance for regulatory compliance. EcoPoint provides a high level of flexibility to suit your needs. EcoPoint serves a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Mining, Renewable Energy, Agricultural, Government, and Utilities.


Let us assist in deploying or enhancing your geospatial solutions.


Monitor and evaluate a site’s environmental condition and regulatory compliance.


High-resolution imagery, digital surface models, point clouds, volumetric calculations, and more.


Streamline reclamation, stormwater, mapping, and regulatory compliance.


Streamline reclamation, mapping, and regulatory compliance.


Locate and map utilities, drone data collection, mapping, and data distribution.


Soil sampling, plant health, nutrient management, and GIS mapping.

Matt Hoobler

Due to the leadership and expertise at EcoPoint, Inc, our business now has a specific monitoring protocol that addresses our sage-grouse habitat monitoring and livestock forage monitoring, in additional to gathering select variables for carbon storage. We could have never achieved this level of efficiency and precision without the talent at EcoPoint.

Nick Jensen

Ecopoint, hands down, is one of the best companies I've had the pleasure of working with. They provide solid solutions to complex problems using tools that companies may already have access to. In the few months that I have been working with them we have already reduced our regulatory compliance exposure and were provided the tools we need in order to track our progress in a very easy to understand and use with absolutely no strings or "upcharges" attached. Give them a call with whatever problem you have and I guarantee that they will get you pointed in the right direction!

Destin Cole

I am lucky enough to have about 2 years experience working with this company. The staff at EcoPoint are truly wonderful people, I would recommend using them for all environmental and geospatial needs. They are knowledgeable, professional, productive, accurate, and effective.

Brent Pingel

Michael and his team at EcoPoint have been exceptional in helping us understand GIS concepts and have empowered us to execute geo-spatial thinking throughout our daily workflows. Michael has an incredible vision for what can be accomplished with GIS and the expertise to make it happen. We are amateurs in understanding and implementing GIS in our workflows, and Michael helped us along with incredible patience and amazing business insights. Today we are changing our industry and solving problems that have plagued our industry for years! We have been incredibly fortunate to work with EcoPoint to achieve these goals!


EcoPoint is a technologically advanced Data Collection and Monitoring company specializing in geospatial solutions for large and small scale environmental monitoring and mapping efforts. As an Esri Partner, EcoPoint has a comprehensive knowledge of deploying geospatial solutions to accomplish natural resource objectives. By leveraging the latest technological advancements and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or drones), we can collect more data, more accurately, and faster than ever before. Our complementary team of GIS specialists, botanists, soil scientists, NEPA specialists, restoration specialists and biologists ensure clients exceed all regulatory and restoration compliance requirements, consistently saving your organization both time and money. EcoPoint offers services developed upon core geospatial technologies. This means efficient data collection, verifiable results, streamlined reporting, and compliance fulfillment.


Take full control of your operations. With a unique set of skills, industry experience and technological capabilities, EcoPoint is your partner in operations.


An innovative approach to fulfilling your regulatory requirements. As a Geospatial Centric Ecological Services company, EcoPoint brings new efficiency to your operations.


Adaptive protocols not only keep you in regulatory compliance, but also offer operational efficiencies made available by dramatic technological advancements.


EcoPoint offers an enhanced and tailored version of your regulatory compliance data. Ensuring access, responsiveness, and the ability to act as needed, not as your reports are received.


EcoPoint is headquartered in Rifle, Colorado. EcoPoint also has locations in the front range of Colorado, northern Idaho, and western North Dakota. EcoPoint currently serves clients in Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Texas, and Utah. EcoPoint is a distributed company and can readily serve our clients in a variety of locations.