EcoPoint and our unique services:

EcoPoint is a technologically advanced Data Collection and Monitoring company specializing in GIS database solutions for large scale monitoring efforts.  We employ GIS specialists, botanists, soil scientists, and biologists to facilitate our client’s needs.  Our client base consists of public land users (Oil and Gas, hard rock mines, and right of way) all of which need to meet reporting requirements and restoration compliance for their public land leases.

What makes us different:

EcoPoint was specifically designed around the idea of location. Location, and our understanding of it, is one of the most important aspects of any sound environmental service. Location provides a deep connection to our environment, it also enhances the use and study of our environment and resources. EcoPoint is purposefully a Geospatial Centric Ecological Services company because we understand not only the benefits of location in our work, but also know the efficiency leveraging location based technology brings to our operations. By leveraging the latest technological advancements we can collect more data, more accurately, and faster than ever before.