Geospatial Technologies & Solutions

A leader in geospatial technologies.


A leader in geospatial technologies, EcoPoint ensures your investment in digital infrastructure is secure and usable throughout your organization. There are no hidden fees or double charging for access to your data. Whether stored on EcoPoint’s internal data systems or your own digital infrastructure, our system ensures long-term accessibility and security of your data.


  • Transparency, efficiency, and access to real-time, on-the-ground conditions.
  • Targeting and monitoring of specific management objectives.
  • Efficiency in planning, management, and decision making.



  • Accessible from anywhere- mobile, web, or desktop apps; online or offline
  • Industry leading reliable hosting- Esri & Amazon
  • Secure, scalable, and stable



EcoPoint specializes in solving complex ecological problems through the innovative use of GIS.

Geospatial (GIS) Consulting Services

  • Enterprise Geospatial Development
  • System Architecture
  • Process Automation
  • Geodatabase Development and Planning
  • Suggested Vegetation Management Video Link
  • Strategic Planning

GIS Database Management

  • Spatially Explicit Documentation

GIS Field Mobility

  • Geospatial Data Collection
  • Spatial Analysis and GIS Modeling
  • GIS Mapping and Visualization

Geospatial Solutions

Matt Hoobler

Due to the leadership and expertise at EcoPoint, Inc, our business now has a specific monitoring protocol that addresses our sage-grouse habitat monitoring and livestock forage monitoring, in additional to gathering select variables for carbon storage. We could have never achieved this level of efficiency and precision without the talent at EcoPoint.

Nick Jensen

Ecopoint, hands down, is one of the best companies I've had the pleasure of working with. They provide solid solutions to complex problems using tools that companies may already have access to. In the few months that I have been working with them we have already reduced our regulatory compliance exposure and were provided the tools we need in order to track our progress in a very easy to understand and use with absolutely no strings or "upcharges" attached. Give them a call with whatever problem you have and I guarantee that they will get you pointed in the right direction!

Destin Cole

I am lucky enough to have about 2 years experience working with this company. The staff at EcoPoint are truly wonderful people, I would recommend using them for all environmental and geospatial needs. They are knowledgeable, professional, productive, accurate, and effective.

Brent Pingel

Michael and his team at EcoPoint have been exceptional in helping us understand GIS concepts and have empowered us to execute geo-spatial thinking throughout our daily workflows. Michael has an incredible vision for what can be accomplished with GIS and the expertise to make it happen. We are amateurs in understanding and implementing GIS in our workflows, and Michael helped us along with incredible patience and amazing business insights. Today we are changing our industry and solving problems that have plagued our industry for years! We have been incredibly fortunate to work with EcoPoint to achieve these goals!


With industry leading hosting from Esri, and Amazon, EcoPoint can provide a cloud GIS solution to meet your mobile, web, or desktop GIS needs. EcoPoint ensures your GIS is secure, scalable, and stable. Contact us today to plan your customized GIS solution deployment. Specialized field data collections solutions for every industry’s needs. Whether performing high volume rapid data collection or detailed site-specific collection routines, EcoPoint can deploy the right data collection tools to meet your company’s specific needs.

Empower your team. EcoPoint has deployed specialized geospatial solutions for a variety of industries from agriculture to oil and gas. We understand GIS and can ensure your organization takes advantage of the latest advancements in GIS technology. Mission critical analysis and accessibility. With technological advancements there is no need to wait for reports and analysis. Contact us today to find out how we can provide real-time data access, reporting and analysis.


At our core we are a technologically advanced field data collection company. We offer customized, fully integrated data collection services with real-time data access, analysis and reporting. Our fast and accurate data collection services, mean extraordinary cost efficiency for your data collection projects.


If you prefer to keep your field data collection in-house, we offer mobile solutions to meet the needs of any project. From hardware and customized software to fully integrated geospatial information systems, we provide the data collection solution that is right for you.


EcoPoint specializes in the development and deployment of geospatial solutions. EcoPoint, an Esri partner, can help organizations of any size in deploying specialized GIS solutions. We can assist your organization in deploying GIS solutions that are accessible from anywhere, on any device, with industry leading availability, performance, and scalability.


EcoPoint is a business partner with Esri and Juniper Systems, who are both leaders in the geospatial technology industry.