Oil & Gas Services

Streamline reclamation, flowline services and regulatory compliance.


EcoPoint offers an enhanced and tailored version of your regulatory compliance data. Ensuring access, responsiveness, and the ability to act as needed, not as your reports are received. Enhanced data collection efficiency driven through the use of the latest vegetation monitoring protocols. EcoPoint tailors yours monitoring program to your specific regulatory and compliance needs. Empower your operations. Discover how EcoPoint’s unique use of technology and advanced protocols provide real-time transparency to your defensible and actionable monitoring data. Critical analysis and accessibility. With technological advancements there is no need to wait for reports and analysis. Understand your operations in real-time through dash boarding and real-time reporting.


EcoPoint specializes in solving complex ecological problems through the innovative use of GIS.

Pre-disturbance Site Assessments

  • Regulatory Survey Protocols
  • Threatened, Endangered, Proposed and Sensitive Plant Inventories
  • Vegetative community Mapping,
  • Wetland delineations and 404 permitting
  • Wildlife habitat surveys and mapping,
  • Invasive Species/Weed Surveys and Mapping
  • Soil mapping and assessment
  • Resource Trend Monitoring over the life of the project
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Storm Water evaluations and monitoring

Storm Water Management

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Storm Water Monitoring
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Assessment

Reclamation Planning and Assessment

  • Reclamation Plan Development
  • Restoration Prescriptions
  • Seed mix design
  • Noxious weed mapping
  • Reclamation/Disturbance Area Mapping
  • Quantitative Reclamation Site Monitoring
  • Qualitative Reclamation Site Monitoring
  • Reclamation Trend Analysis

Waste Management

  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure plans (SPCC)
  • Emergency Response Plans

Soil Resource Management

  • Soil Surveys
  • Soil Mapping
  • Deep Soil Sampling and Analysis

Matt Hoobler

Due to the leadership and expertise at EcoPoint, Inc, our business now has a specific monitoring protocol that addresses our sage-grouse habitat monitoring and livestock forage monitoring, in additional to gathering select variables for carbon storage. We could have never achieved this level of efficiency and precision without the talent at EcoPoint.

Nick Jensen

Ecopoint, hands down, is one of the best companies I've had the pleasure of working with. They provide solid solutions to complex problems using tools that companies may already have access to. In the few months that I have been working with them we have already reduced our regulatory compliance exposure and were provided the tools we need in order to track our progress in a very easy to understand and use with absolutely no strings or "upcharges" attached. Give them a call with whatever problem you have and I guarantee that they will get you pointed in the right direction!

Destin Cole

I am lucky enough to have about 2 years experience working with this company. The staff at EcoPoint are truly wonderful people, I would recommend using them for all environmental and geospatial needs. They are knowledgeable, professional, productive, accurate, and effective.

Brent Pingel

Michael and his team at EcoPoint have been exceptional in helping us understand GIS concepts and have empowered us to execute geo-spatial thinking throughout our daily workflows. Michael has an incredible vision for what can be accomplished with GIS and the expertise to make it happen. We are amateurs in understanding and implementing GIS in our workflows, and Michael helped us along with incredible patience and amazing business insights. Today we are changing our industry and solving problems that have plagued our industry for years! We have been incredibly fortunate to work with EcoPoint to achieve these goals!


EcoPoint, Inc leverages digital innovations that help Oil & Gas companies save time and money. EcoPoint uses the latest technology in order to provide geospatial development and analysis, vegetation monitoring, site assessments, reclamation planning and monitoring and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) services. EcoPoint’s services utilize online GIS reporting which contain intuitive and simple to use interfaces to manage operations, interact with site characteristics, and track trends. EcoPoint employs an experienced team of Biologists, GIS Experts, Regulatory & NEPA Specialists, Restoration Scientists, and Engineers. EcoPoint partners with both Esri and Juniper Systems, leaders in the geospatial technology industry.


EcoPoint has a successful track record working with major Oil & Gas Operators to vertically integrate geospatial data throughout multiple departments. Our data collection strategy leverages EM utility location (where needed), UAS, GPS, and mobile devices. Our proprietary data system allows simple and effective data distribution anywhere, any time, and on any device. The system allows operators to fulfill multiple regulatory requirements. For an example of EcoPoint’s Well Pad Facility Mapping capability click here.


  • Site Security Diagrams
  • As Built Diagrams
  • Flowline Services
  • Damage prevention mapping
  • Facility diagrams


EcoPoint can help you with your regulatory compliance whether it be state regulations or federal regulations. EcoPoint’s experienced team Biologists, GIS Experts, Regulatory & NEPA Specialists, Restoration Scientists, and Engineers will assist you with your regulatory compliance need. Some examples include:


  • Site Security Diagrams
  • BLM and COGCC Reclamation Vegetation Release criteria
  • Oil and Gas Reclamation Plans
  • Oil and Gas Development Plans
  • Add State and Federal Oil and Gas Compliance


EcoPoint is qualified to provide data-driven UAS services which will provide the data products for regulatory compliance. Not only do we have the expertise to provide this service, but we have staff who hold pilot certificates and we have the appropriate authorizations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to conduct safe and legal UAS operations. EcoPoint is equipped and insured to provide services for both field operations and data processing.


EcoPoint is leading the industry in flowline services. EcoPoint’s flowline services include: Flowline Data Modeling, Flowline Configuration, Onsite Line Locates, GIS Data Capture, Regulatory completions (example: COGCC Form 44), and Consultations.